I Recognize

Chris Duvall, RScP

I Recognize
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I recognize Divine Source – Ground – First Cause.  I recognize Miracle Working Power, Presence, Intelligence. I recognize Free Essence, Unlimited, Unobstructed. This is the Divine Triune, One Whole Harmony of Being.

I recognize Its Beauty & Order in myself and all others, and I surrender into It as fully as I can.

I humble myself before this Truth in myself and others, for therein is secure peace.  As I gaze steadfastly at this Oneness, new possibilities emerge.  I activate First Cause, Deep Source of Understanding, and begin to rise above the polarities of good/bad, right/wrong.  I release mistaken ideas of who I am and feel stronger and more stable.  I examine shame, fear, anger, entitlement in the Light of Truth, and feel that drain away as cleansing waters dissolve judgment.  I begin to understand my soul’s need to experience certain appearances as heroic opportunities for healing. I take up spiritual disciplines that companion new perspectives and high thought.  I unify with The Great I AM and speak Its word to reveal Its gifts specifically related to desires and intentions at hand.  As I do this for myself, I do it on behalf of all who desire free health, strength, sufficiency, comfort, peace of mind, harmony, protection, success, freedom, joy, love. 

Thus, the Sacred is honored, protected, and furthered within every individual, relationship, and society.  Great Benevolent One, now rush unhindered to aid all who look to Thee. Cause that which is unaligned to now fall away.  Sacred Loving Truth, now vibrate forth and reign through the earth and every plane for the sake of Thy Holy Name. 

For the ability and willingness of Divine Power to accomplish this word, I give thanks.  For Its works of grace, I am grateful.  I release this word into the receptive Law and rest as inevitable manifestations of goodness occur.