I Rise

Lesha Kitts RScP

I Rise
by Lesha Kitts, RScP

The Spirit of Life is God. God is all there is. It is in, through and around everything, as well as, every space and void between everything. It is omnipresent, limitless potential and is the Source to everything known and unknown.

We are born of this Divine Source. Our Live’s are expressions of It. We are individual expressions of this One Source, appointed by Divine Right Order and animated into action of fulfilling a Soul Purpose assigned uniquely to each of us.

It is not my place to judge your purpose. It is rather only to rise to mine. As I listen to the deep Calling within myself I am aware that this same Source is Calling in you. It is the same Voice with unique, individual messages that lead us to each of our purposes. From this place of Awareness, the distance that has separated us in conflict and disagreement, vanishes as I acknowledge that we are each of the One Source. When I embrace and Lovingly Listen to you, just as I do for MY Godself, resolve is easily seen as Love dissolves all illusions that has clouded the truth of who we are…. Children of God…. Divine Blessings. Shining our Lights. And as we acknowledge that each and every one of us is a light to be illuminated, it matters not if we agree or disagree. Because the more Lights that are illuminating the world, the fewer places that shadows can survive. And in that Illumination resolve can also be seen with ease. So today I rise up. I see you. I hear you and I acknowledge that you are a Divine Child of God. Rise up with me and know that God is taking care of the small stuff, the big stuff and everything in between. Rise up and offer a spark of Light to a friend that is stuck in the illusion of a dark rut. Fill it with Love and Light and the Truth is revealed. We are all connected. So, if only one is committed to rise up, then we all rise to the degree of that commitment. The more of us that are committed, the easier it becomes to elevate us all to our higher Godselves.

Thank you Divine Source for the awareness of my connection to all life that brightens my experience into a Blessing. Thank you for all the Open Hearted, which illuminate our community and ignite the Healing Light in others. Thank you for the Calling to rise to my highest and best good. I choose to accept this gift with great gratitude. And so I RISE!

With Awareness in my mind, Conviction in my heart, Illumination in my soul, and Joy expressing through me, I release my word into Universal Law, allowing it to shine to its fullest potential and accepting that as I have spoken, IT IS DONE!

And So It Is!