Ah, Spring

Ah, Spring
by Dianne Martin, RScP

What a wonderful time of the year. It always amazes me that a plant that looks dead throughout the winter, suddenly starts sprouting leaves to prepare for the beautiful flowers that are sure to come soon.  I sit outside and reflect knowing that God is everywhere; manifesting in so many colors and designs and in the gentle breeze and the warm sun.  God is peace, beauty, harmony, growth, renewal and love. God is all there is.

I am one with God and so I am blessed with all the spiritual qualities of peace, beauty, harmony, growth, renewal and love.  I am connected to everyone, to nature, and to God in perfect wholeness.  That is the truth of all life.

I walk through life knowing that all of life is beautiful and exists in harmony and peace.  There is only God expressing all around me, in me and in everyone and everything and at all times.   God expresses through me and as I greet others and I recognize them as part of the divine wholeness that is and I see all the qualities of God in them.    As nature is renewed and grows,  I take the opportunity to renew and grow my connection to God.  I am surrounded by love and I am love. There is absolutely no lack or separation in my life. Everything is unfolding in divine perfection.

With great thanks, I accept my spiritual renewal just as I experience nature‚Äôs renewal. I know that my life blossoms with all the qualities of God  and for that I am grateful. I gratefully accept the truth of my life.    

I release this prayer into the creative power of universal mind and know that as I speak, it is done. 

And, so it is.