Lovater Jones, RScP

I Surrender All

I Surrender All
by Lovater H. Jones, RScP

“I surrender all to Thee my blessed Savior, I surrender all” – Judson W. Van DeVenter (1855 – 1939)

This song was born when the composer was faced with a life-changing decision.  He had come face-to-face with having to decide which way to take his life.  As he struggled, with thoughts of “what shall I do;” “which way should I go;” “what if I fail;” the guidance appeared to him in the form of a song.  “I Surrender All.”  He gave it over to the God of his being, knowing that his decision was Divinely Guided!  He could let go with certainty.  He took his hand off of it and gave it to God.  He let it go!  He surrendered!

Often we find ourselves at a crossroad, wondering which way to go. Choosing to surrender to a Presence, an Essence that is greater than the dilemma that we are facing lifts the “burden,” freeing us to move forward and with an assurance that all is well.  We do what is for us to do, then we let go and let God!

AFFIRMATION:     I let go of all worries, thoughts of doubts, lack and limitations, and all forms of sickness and fears.  I release and let all of my concerns to the Spirit of God that indwells my very being.  I surrender these concerns, right here and right now!  By surrendering, I simply step aside and allow God to be God in me and in all that concerns me. I declare with conviction, that it is done.

And so it is!