Chris Duvall, RScP

I Value Self

I Value Self
by Chris Duvall, RScP

 There is One Life – whole, perfect, and complete.  It is Source, Essence, First Cause.  From this Unlimited Being, all life arises.  In this Great I AM, all lives, moves and has being.  I am of Its Wholeness, Perfection.  I am free and unlimited through Its Presence, Power, and Intelligence.  I recognize the Sacred Essence that I am.  I humble myself before it, surrendering anything in my human condition that is not aligned with it.  I willingly release fears, mistaken ideas, attachments, judgements, traumas, any past karmic energies or shadows and allow them to be dissolved, that I may experience myself as a free, pure, and awakened vessel that carries and rays forth spiritual truth and love.  I ask Divine Source for fresh, invigorating, fulfilling ideas and experiences in work and play.

 I also recognize that Life is Relationship, with vertical and horizontal dimensions, with rays extending through every plane.  It is through Relationship (with the Transcendent Self, the personal Self, and the Self of all others) that goodness of every kind is experienced:  support and sufficiency, success and accomplishment, beauty and order, peace and harmony, love and joy.  I willingly release anything unaligned with Essential Love experienced through relationship.  As Spirit, I have not been harmed.  As Spirit, I have not harmed.  I open myself to notice and release mistaken habits of mind – mistakes of unknowingness, convenience, or entitlement – that affect others and Earth.  I take on habits of right thought and action and am willing to become a better steward of the precious, sacred gifts, that I may more fully participate in the Unlimited Possibility through Oneness.  I ask Divine Source to experience only sacred, honoring relationships and to further such relationships in the world.

 As I speak this word for myself, I speak it for all other willing souls. I send it vibrating forth through the Web of Life with gratitude for the Miracle Working Presence, Power and Intelligence which makes the word manifest.  And so it is.