Nancy Bowers, RScP

I Welcome the Sacred

I Welcome the Sacred
by Nancy R Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

“Only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation. But remember this; the goal of holiness was set for your relationship, and not by you. You did not set it because holiness cannot be seen except through faith, and your relationship was not holy because your faith in your brother was so limited and little. Your faith must grow to meet the goal that has been set. The goal’s reality will call this forth, for you will see that peace and faith will not come separately. What situation can you be in without faith, and remain faithful to your brother?” T-17.VII. A Course in Miracles

“I do not know what anything it for.” Lesson 25, A Course in Miracles

“Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.” Introduction, A Course in Miracles

Behind the ego chatter, beyond judgment, in the quiet peace of simply being, I notice God. God doesn’t vanish when I am ignoring the sacred, but my attention has lapsed. God is in everything.  God is in everyone.  It’s all sacred.  It is all Sacred.  It is all God.

On this day, I surrender.  I stop trying to control anything.  I quit trying to make God wrong.  I embrace what is.  If God is everywhere present, and I am certain that He/It/She is, then my failure to see the sacredness in everything is my failure to embrace God.  I somehow got used to judging things, to thinking I know things.  I grew accustomed to listening to the voice of ego rather than the Holy Spirit.  I chose ego’s boisterous certainty that it is right over the gentleness of Spirit whose only mission is Love.

Let me choose Love.  Help me to always honor the sacred, to notice it, to welcome it.  Let me sit in awe of its blessings.  As I remember to release judgment, to let go of thinking I know what anything is for, I am returned to humility.  I rediscover reverence.  I am more curious and less expert.  I find I am naturally kinder, both to myself and “others.”  Let me remember who I am.  Let me remember who they are.  Let me steep In the Divine Love that surrounds me and may I teach only love. 

I am so very grateful to remember the truth of who and what we are.  When I remember, it is easy to let go of thinking I have to change anything.  God has already given me the Kingdom; He has already given us Heaven.  We already have it all, but will we allow ourselves to receive it?  I am grateful to release the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. Heaven is found in extending Love, in being God’s errand boy.  I breathe in surrender so that His Sacred Purpose might be served.  I remind myself that the awakening is not for Him, but for Us.  God never forgot the Truth. God’s Love never wavered. On this day, may we at last awaken to the Sacredness, where only the Love is real and the rest we made up.  I am grateful to release all my stories of injustice.  I am grateful to remember that it is all God so it is all fodder for good. 

Thank you for these blessings, Lord.  Thank you for Your Peace.  It is good to be home with You, even if only for these fleeting moments before I forget that Truth again. 

Releasing judgment, I call it good and very good.  In fact, it’s Perfect.  And so it is.  Amen.