In Praise of Goldilocks Days

Nancy Bowers RScP

In Praise of Goldilocks Days
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Every day is God’s and each one is perfect.  Each one is beautiful, gorgeous really.  Each is a Goldilocks day: not too cold, not too hot – just right.  For in the heart of each day is God.  In the heart of each day is Love.  Peace is there.  Joy is there.  Because God is there, Life is there, waiting to be seen, appreciated for what it is – God expressing.

I see it.  I notice it in the sunshine, in the fresh air, in the birds and the squirrels and the bunny rabbits that scurry across the dirt roads around my house.  When I stop and notice, I notice God.  In this present moment, perfection.  In this moment, Goldilocks day.

For I affirm Christ’s Vision that sees all this with Love.  I affirm eyes that appreciate the perfection of all that is.  No fighting anything, no complaints, no dissatisfaction.  I drink in God’s creation.  I allow it to bless my heart and ignite my passion, for Love fills me, Light loves me.  I am in the middle of a Goldilocks day and my soul is full.

So I give thanks, for I am happy to see this stunning beauty, I am happy to allow it to fill my being and nurture my self.  God is Good.  Life is Good.  I am grateful for the blessing of Goldilocks days.

I allow it to flow, by letting it go.  I cling to none of it.  God is the bringer of Goldilocks day.  They are always just right.  May you, too appreciate them as I do.  And So It Is.  Amen.