In Silent Repose

In Silent Repose
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

I rest in smiling repose because I feel the presence of a loving god in my life. Because I know that god is everywhere present, including and especially in, through and most importantly, AS me. I am one with god, knowing that my words are god’s words and god’s words are mine.

And so I speak my word, right here, right now, for an active, peaceful and rewarding inner life. I speak my word that the neighborhood of my mind is a friendly neighborhood, compassionate and loving and kind, and yet also very wise, and very insistent that I act in integrity with my beliefs, or else change my beliefs. I take time, every day, to pause and find the cause and because of this, I am not only at peace, I am the perfect embodiment of the god within me. Embodying wisdom, power, compassion, joy and love.

I release my words with great gratitude knowing it is already done.

And so it is!