In the Flow of Grace

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

In the Flow of Grace
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I raise my awareness and know completely that God is all there is. God is the grace and flow of each day, the Divine Essence that animates each day, and the Infinite that expresses and expands all the time.  God is the Divine Potential in all, unfolding in unprecedented ways every day.

And so I recognize my own divine essence, expressing the One Loving Source as me. I recognize the divine grace and flow that is my life as I express and expand every day.

Knowing this Oneness, I affirm recognition for myself, the victory that I am. I am an unprecedented expression of God and my life, just as it is, is wonderful and good. Every day, I am more successful and express the Divine more deeply. Every day, I learn more and do better. I am on my sacred path, which is perfect for me. I function from my place of most potential, honoring my best and highest good. I know that as I live from my Truth, I empower others to do so as well. As I serve and honor the Divine in me, I serve and honor the Divine in others. I am in the flow of Grace.

I am so grateful for all the gifts of my life: the abundance, the support of Spirit, the joy, the love…and on and on. I appreciate who I have become in this faith and by the power of prayer. I give thanks for the path that I am on, to be empowered and empowering.

And so I release this prayer into the Law, knowing that it is fully manifesting in every way that is good, whole, complete, and perfect. And so it is.