In the Here and the Now

In the Here and the Now                           
by Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

In the here and the now, I choose to call forth my awareness of Spirit Presence, which I know is already present within me, as me and in all. I take this moment to embody Love, as God is Love.  I now also choose to call forth Divine wisdom, wellness and vitality into the moment, and I choose to know God as Absolute Wellness – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. And, you can join me in the here and the now.

I vision a healing light that permeates and simply transcends into a radiance that creates and generates only more health, more resilience, and more wellness beyond imagination – such that it just overflows, brimming with such strength and vitality that it cascades out into the world providing and meeting with more wellness – all the time generating even more light, love, health and complete elimination of anything that would even dare to suggest the very possibility of anything unlike itself.

I now bring forth this prayer into consciousness and continuous action in this and all dimensions and potentialities, manifesting again and again as perfection and strength – demonstrating vigor, power, might and wellness in every cell and structure, for one and for all!

Such beautiful love, light, healing, health, wondrous vitality, joy and wellness now stream full force in response to our joint manifestation, as we give great gratitude in a glorious tribute to the Divine Perfection of Wholeness.

I am eternally grateful for this truth – to know the truth of who I am and I declare this truth for each of you. I release this prayer with much gratitude for the knowing.

And So it is!