In the Power and Presence of God

Nancy Bowers RScP

In the Power and Presence of God
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy-BowersIn this moment, right here, right now, I recognize that I live in a benevolent universe. I am surrounded by a power and presence which I call God, the Source, Spirit, All that is, My Heavenly Father. It is Love. It is Healing. It is ever-responsive and supportive. Its essence is Peace. Its truth is Joy and Wholeness and Oneness. It is the Power behind everything.

This Power and Presence is who and what I am. I am part of it, one of it. I can’t be separate from it. So I align myself with that power, I step into the vibration of the highest love, the purest thoughts, the healing, soothing energy of goodness. I call it to me. I call in the awareness. I align myself with it that I might clearly hear the guidance that is with me always. I know that I am one with this goodness – it is the truth of who I am. It is the truth of who you are. There is really only one of us here.

And having done that, I allow myself to claim what I really want. I allow myself to dare to dream and to name those dreams with clarity. I envision myself as the person God intended me to be. I am a teacher for God. I am a lover of humanity. I am a writer and I am famous, respected and loved for the way in which I am a conduit for Love. I help to awaken others to the truth of who and what they are. I am seen. I inspire greatness as I recognize God in everyone. I recognize the truth in you. You are a precious child of the Beloved. You are innocent and guiltless, and human and flawed and perfect in your journey as you awaken to the truth of who and whatever you are. I claim for us both the audacity to say what we want and to know that it is ours. Ideas that we are anything less than God intended us to be fall away easily and effortlessly. We can never lose our way for God leads us. Monkey mind shuts up for its only real function is to name what it wants and to organize the pieces, but it is not its job to figure it out. It is not its job to step into the inspiration or creativity of the Divine. We do that. Our true God-selves do that. We listen. We hear clearly what to do. Yeah, some of it seems crazy. Some of it makes no sense. So what! We are listening to the music of Life, the rhythm that pulls us towards greatness where nothing is wasted, where all the steps lead to God, all the moments are holy and everything is blessed. Miracles are our birthright. Creativity is our hallmark. We flow into the goodness of it. We let it saturate us as we dance with Divinity.

And I give thanks for that. I give thanks that I was taught how to step into the feeling of Love. I give thanks that I can enter prayer and reclaim my wholeness. I give thanks that I am surrounded by community that recognizes the truth of you and what I am, that I am cherished and loved and looked to as a leader. I give thanks for the people who pick me up when I fall and for the opportunity to help others do the same. I give thanks that the law works as it does and that I learned these spiritual principles and that NOW is the only time there is. I give thanks that the suffering ends now. I give thanks for Science of Mind and A Course in Miracles, for New Thought and Quantum Physics and all the tools that help me remember how the universe works.

Then I let it go. Having spoken my word, I know it is done. Spiritual Principle is always at work, always responding to me with Love and Peace and Joy. The Holy Instant is Now. Miracles are here. I declare it so and so it is. Amen.