In the Sacred Chamber

Nancy Bowers RScP

In the Sacred Chamber
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy-BowersIt’s always there, in the quiet, in the stillness of no thought, Love lives. It surrounds me. It supports me. In that stillness, where my preferences fall away and there is but acceptance of what is right here with me in this moment, I open my heart. Goodness enters. Light surrounds me. God comes to sit with me in sacred silence. No longer is there struggle. No longer is there any impulse to fight reality. In this sacred chamber, where I sit with God to hear answers, I am at peace. In this sacred chamber, I find only love.

For I unify with that which I am: holiness expressing that which the Divine would have me be. In this sacred chamber where the worst of me falls away and I am left with only purity, I find my true self. I recognize that all of the qualities of God that I so admire and respect – Love, Peace, Joy, Generosity, Kindness, Gentleness, Wisdom – all these are also qualities I possess. I am like my Holy Father. All those wonderful attributes are yours, too. Do you remember? Can you enter the space where God wraps you in that truth?

Come; enter the chamber of the Holy One. Breathe into the silence where you name is sacred and your truth is purity. You are the innocence child of God, treasured beyond measure. Come into the sacred chamber where the Love from Spirit is so palpable that to be fully present to It is to weep with joy and gratitude. I am holy here and so are you, my friend, so are you.

So let us give thanks. I am grateful for the silence, grateful for the chamber of the most holy, where God whispers our true worth and all thoughts of being different than we are vanish. Give thanks, as I give thanks. God is there in the silence and His Love pulses pure.

Then let go. I release this prayer, for there is nothing more to do. I have been to the sacred chamber and its nectar has quenched my thirst. And So It Is. Amen.