In this Playful, Unstoppable Life, I Let God Handle the Details

Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living
Sunday, September 6th, 2015

9 AM and 11 AM

Self Love

Rev. Ginger Young, Minister

Rev. Ginger Young, Minister

Self love is the doorway to experiencing God.  It opens us to peace, awareness, and so much more.  Join Rev. Ginger as we explore true self love and experience its great power.


Susan Clark, Music Director

Susan Clark is joined by

Lewis Winn on guitar/bass guitar and Jay Blea on drums/percussion

Randy Granger

Randy Gage is our Guest Musician this Sunday!

 The Daily Prayer 09.01.2015
“In this Playful, Unstoppable Life, I Let God Handle the Details”
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Life is playground that always unfolds in divine right order. The essence of It is Love. The pulse of It is Peace. The juice of It is Joy. It is Playful; It is Supportive. It is Easy. Divine Right Order. Everything happens when It is ready, when the pieces all align. Life is Spirit; It is God expressing; boldly. Audaciously. It is everywhere, everywhere present, for it runs through everyone and everything. It does exactly what It needs to do to accomplish Its purpose, and It is Unstoppable.

This Life, this Essence is mine. I am what It is – audacious, bold, and unstoppable, and I recognize that the truth of who and what I am is love. Peace is my nature. Joy is where I naturally want to be. I am easy in this place of acceptance where I see how everything is as it should be. I am calm in this space, where I recognize my oneness with the Divine and there is no need to fight what is. It embraces me. It supports me. All angst is shoved aside. Here in God, I remember who I am. Here in God. I remember who you are, too, and in this remembrance, the beauty of your soul shines brightly. You are at home in God, and the truth of what that means envelops you completely. In this God-space, you allow curiosity to lead you. It’s just one giant experiment. Your life is a joyous exploration, and no matter what road you follow, you cannot get it wrong.

So in that recognition, I claim for you playfulness. I claim for you the ability to let yourself off the hook for shoulds and have-to’s. For your life is always in divine right order, unfolding in exactly the way it should. Your only priority is love, and first and foremost that means you honor what works for you. No need to make anyone else wrong in the process; no, this is about respectfully listening to your inner guidance. And because you listen so well, all of your choices reflect how valuable you are, what a precious asset you are. Because you listen so well, and love is your guiding principle, you allow others to be on whatever path they are on, without need to interfere in any way, without the need to try to “fix” anything.

So allow everyone their messy, imperfect journeys. You let go of the idea that any part of it is yours to fix. You just show up as the loving space that you are. You allow those around you to have their own life’s adventure, just as you have your own life adventures without needing permission from anyone but yourself. Whatever happens happens, in your life and in their lives, and all of it is perfect. There is no judgement about any of it, for you remember in each moment that none of it is yours to define. We all get to make it up in whatever way we choose. And agree or disagree, no one else’s choices concern you, for peace is your path and love is your goal. There is no screwing it up, for it’s just experience. Pleasant or unpleasant it all leads to God. Whatever is is whatever should be. However it plays out is fine. Your path. My path. They are all just roads in life, and each of follows whichever one we care to choose.

You release your ideas of what anyone else should or shouldn’t be doing and focus all your energy on what makes your heart sing. You relinquish all attempts to control any of it. You don’t know what any of it is for, you only know that your soul purpose is to honor yourself in your own joyous expression, as you honor others by allowing them theirs. How easy it is when there is nothing you need to try to get anyone else to do. You allow whatever needs to fall apart, to fall apart, knowing that not everything is your responsibility. When it is, it is and when it isn’t, you allow yourself the luxury of minding your own business. And the truth is it feels so good to give up thinking you need to fix it. The truth is there is a freedom is trusting God to figure out the details.

So I give thanks, knowing the trust God wraps us in everywhere. How freeing it is to know that God’s got our backs. How freeing it is to recognize that we don’t have to DO anything, but allow ourselves to be guided. How grateful I am to witness how God surprises us. How exciting to watch what is revealed. We are peeling away the layers to see what has always been there. Like Michelangelo freeing David from the marble, we free ourselves from the limiting ideas. How thankful I am to realize that in knowing God, I become more myself with each passing day. And so do you, my friend, so do you.

I give thanks for knowing that God is effortless and that there is no need to control any of it. I give thanks for the unstoppability of it all. I give thanks because it’s already done, and it’s easy and it’s freeing.

It is already done. So I let it go. And so It is. Amen.

Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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