In Wonder

Sue Hoadley, RScP

In Wonder
by Sue Hoadley, RScP

In every moment, may our hearts and minds be fully awake to the shimmering wonder of Life!
God the Loving Maker of all that is, the breath of my aliveness, the creator of color and fresh air, sunshine and light dusting of snow, sparking streams flowing gently down the rocky riverbed, oh the wonder of it all and the impermanence of it all, I give thanks!

Knowing that we walk in this beautiful wonderland for such a short time, that we came from dust and return to being dust, I affirm that Love is all there is, and we fill each moment with gratitude and love, letting go of insignificant negativities and complaints, embracing the precious glory we are given as we walk this earth as human beings. We let go of any small irritations or resentments that choke out love. We say “I love you” to those we love and we reach out in caring to friends and strangers. We do the little things that are right and good, we go the extra mile for another in need.

I declare for each of us a new appreciation and keen awareness of the deep down goodness of all Life. I declare new gratitude overflows in each of us as we recognize the Love behind all of Life’s gifts. I declare that we open our hearts and embrace the Love that flows to us beyond our wildest dreams. We receive and we give, as we breathe in and breathe out this wondrous gift of Life. And so it is!