Kamatara Johnson, RScP

by Kamatara Johnson, RCsP

I recognize the One Loving Source, the All-That-Is in the here and now.  And because it is All, it is Infinite.  That Infinite expression includes me and everything in my life.  That Infinite is expressing as the reader of this prayer and every aspect of your life as well. There is NO place where God is not, so I allow myself to see that Presence in me, in you, ad infinitum…

Knowing this alignment with the Source, I affirm for each person here a deepened experience of prosperity in every way it can be known.  We each have access to the Infinite Warehouse of the Divine, from which all things come.  There is no big or little in the Infinite, so each person’s needs are easily met from the Infinite. The rent is paid, debts erased, opportunities abound, and great openings to more and more happen easily and effortlessly as each one of us expands into the flow of the Divine in every arena of life.  Spirit is unbound by precedent, so each of us is unbound by the past.  Abundance and ease are our new normal, fully expressed and balanced with joy and inner peace. 

I give thanks for this time to reconnect with the Ultimate Reality and Truth of the Divine, knowing that all is well and unfolding in Divine Right Order, for the Divine can do nothing less. I appreciate being able to surrender anything that feels like burden and to step out in faith that life is good and our needs are met. With great confidence in the power of our intention to create, I release this prayer into the Law, knowing that it manifests exactly as it should, better than I could have possible foreseen.  I let it go and let it be.  And so it is.