Carol Helms, RScP

Inseparably Connected

Inseparably Connected
by Carol S. Helms, RScP

   Carol Helms, RScP

Divine Companionship

I have an Inner Friend who walk and talks with me daily.
He is not afar off, but is within me, a constant companion.
I shall never become lonely, for my Friend is always near.
I have but to speak and He answers.
Before ever my lips spoke He told me of His love.
O my kind Friend, how dear to me is Thy Presence.”

The Spirit within me is my Friend.  ~ E. Holmes, SOM p. 515

There is one infinite God, the Creator of all there is.  That one God is Love, Light, Joy, Beauty, Peace and Harmony, and infinite attributes that cannot be dimmed, marred or otherwise diminished by our human foibles.  That one God is indeed the Inner Friend.

We are born inseparably loved by and connected with the one God, the one Creator, the one Source, and all of Its magnificent creations.  When I pause to remember my inherent connection with the very power and presence of God, and all of God’s creations, I remember not only the connection, but also the oneness we all share with God and with each other.  After all, who am I to doubt the One who said we are made of the essence and in the image of God? And it is in this Oneness that I feel my Inner Friend, the Inner Power and Presence that is always there, waiting for me to notice, to slow down, sit and spend beautiful time with the One that is always there.  This Presence is always here for me; always the essence of who I am.  It is in the remembering of my essence, and my oneness with all essence, that that I turn within and seek Wise Counsel, Calm and Centering and am able to see the Truth in any situation or condition.  All I have to do is remember who I am.  As I know this to be true for me, I know it is true for all.

How good it is to know that the Truth is always and instantly available when I turn within.  How good is it to know that turning to my Inner Friend is always a choice that is completely and unconditionally waiting.  How good it is to know that the more I stay in a consciousness of Spirit, principle and prayer, the more I walk and talk with my Inner Friend with or without the appearance of an unwelcome situation or condition.

I am so grateful for instant access to God, to Truth, to Peace, and it is in this state of grace and gratitude that I release this pray into the Law knowing that the Inner Friend is there for each of us, all of us, anytime, anywhere, no exception!  And so it is!