Invitation to a Deeper Reality

Invitation to a Deeper Reality
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Silence is an opening into the deeper reality. Focusing on silence gradually stills the mind. When you attention is freed from compulsive thinking, you are able to touch and eventually unite with the infinite, which has always been there waiting for you in silence.” ~Brian D. Stephens, Into the Formless: A Guide to the Spiritual Journey

Pause. Breathe. Melt into the quietude of stillness. In that tranquility, Peace beacons. Come. Return to Joy. Return to the remembrance Spirit would have you experience. Come explore the deeper reality: the Formless. God.

In the silence, Truth. Oneness. Love. Peace. Joy. Harmony. No strife. No struggle. Just allowing Reality to be as it is. Without the film of judgment laid upon Being, I have the opportunity to go deeper. Freed of notions that there is anything “wrong,” I can play with embracing what is. It’s such a relief!

I do not know what anything is for.” (Lesson 25, A Course in Miracles) Let me remember this.

This is an invitation. Beyond ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, there is Unity – the reality that we are all connected. Caring for you, is caring for me. Tending the earth, is tending our souls. Stilling the mind, calms the heart. The fallacy of separation tries to lure me into selfishness, where I at the mercy of the false-self that believes it is in charge of something. Ego thinks and judges and justifies its hateful actions. Don’t be fooled into hell. You are better than that. Let go of the urge to change what is and ask instead what God would have you do. Then Heaven streams in Its Light and illuminates the dark illusions. We are all Light Beings, but some of us have forgotten who we are. If I fail to notice the Truth of my brothers, I’ve forgotten who I am.

Love. We are Love. We are the Divine Expressing. All of us. No exceptions. The ones who don’t remember need the rest of us to remember this for them. See what was always there. In the deeper reality, where Spirit waits with infinite patience, is everything you have been yearning for. And It has been yearning for you.

I am so very grateful that there is nothing I can do that would cause me to be forsaken. God’s Love is unconditional. In that moment when I release my small notions opposing God, I return to the deeper reality, to Love, to Goodness, to Peace.

So, I release and let go. It’s so much easier to allow God to run the show. Beyond my limited ideas, Infinity pulses Healing Light. It is mine. It is yours. It is all of ours because we are One.

And so it is. Amen.