Joy and Happiness

Joy and Happiness
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

My talk for tomorrow is titled “If you are Happy and You Know It.”  And so I treat today for joy and happiness.

I rest in silent repose, acknowledging and remembering that Spirit is everywhere present. There is no place where It is not.

And I further sink into a place of great peace acknowledging and remembering that just as Spirit is everywhere present, so is it present in me.  And not just in me, but AS me.  Working through me.  Knowing that my words are really Spirit’s words, and they carry all the power that Spirit’s words carry, because they are one and the same.

And so I speak my word now for happiness and joy for everyone, and particularly anyone reading this treatment.  I feel joy moving through me, creating a physical embodiment of relaxation, a smile on my face and an energy that says “YES, I am grateful to be here in this place and in this time.” In this joy I notice the small things in life, and smile at the very noticing.  I feel happiness move through me, as an ability to have deep full on belly laughs, and for those laughs to break out easily and spontaneously.  And I know that this same joy and happiness is also embodied in everyone else.  Happiness and joy spreads throughout all the people on this big ball of matter we call earth.  It replaces anything unlike joy and happiness.  Thus, all strife is now gone.  Joy and happiness reigns now.

With great gratitude I release these words into that Law that has affirmed and already begun acting on my words.

And so it is.