Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

Knowing Divine Spirit for All That It Is

Knowing Divine Spirit for All That It Is
by Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

Divine Spirit is everywhere. It expresses As Love and Compassion, Abundance and Generosity, Peace and Power, Health and Well-being, as well as Gratitude and Joy!  I am One with Spirit.  Spirit expresses In, Through, and As me. As this is true for me it is true for ALL OF GOD’S CREATIONS.

I Am Love and Compassion.  I express love through my thoughts, words, and actions, and I use my talents and gifts to help others as I am able with caring Love, and Compassion.

I Am Abundance.  I have always had enough and I continue to have everything I need.

In my daily spiritual practices, I bring Peace to the world.  I know that deep within me is a well of Peace available to me at all times, and therefore, I Am Peace.

I am Health and Well-Being, as my body is infused with Spirit. 

I know the truth of my being, and I bring for this True for All to embrace.  With this prayer, I shower all with love and blessings, affirming our Truth.

I am grateful for all my family and friends in Spirit, for my life, for this philosophy and its principles, for Love, and for our connection with each other and all that is Good, for God is Good.

I release this prayer to the Universe – in the here and now.