Lasting Satisfaction

Lasting Satisfaction
by Chris Duvall, RScP

Everything gives according to its  nature; nothing can provide more than what it is. What is temporary brings temporary happiness or security, which is its full extent. Only that which is eternal can give lasting satisfaction.  —  Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

There is One River of Life in which I live move and have being, and It flows through me.  When I consciously recognize, unify, and direct It, Its Power, Presence, and Intelligence expresses through me and the world.

Into this cleansing River, I surrender human remnants of mistaken belief, fear, judgment, or resistance obstructing the Flow of the Eternal. I ask that non-serving memories be dissolved and that triggers for emotional reactions be dislodged and washed away. I open and receive the infill, saturation, elevation of Light. I ask Truth to inform and act through me, mind-body-soul.  I accept purity of heart, peace that cannot be disturbed, freedom and joy.  Through Divine Grace, I establish a collective space in which I and others come full circle into our appropriate connection.  I ask for soul satisfying relationships and experiences, but I ask no more from any person, circumstance or event than it can provide. I am grateful that which is right for me is immediately available through the unified and unobstructed Flow of Life that energizes everything within and around me. I accept the lasting satisfaction of the Eternal .

For Divine Action upon my word, I am grateful.    I extend the flow of this prayer beyond myself to all who accept it.  I release this prayer into the receptive medium of the Law. And, so it is.