Leap into Joy

Leap into Joy
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Leap into Joy
Where God awaits with open arms
to sweep away the worries
birthed from fear of what could happen
Trust-fall into His arms
Allow Him to soothe you
There is only NOW
and in this moment, all that separates you from Bliss
is a false thought of imagined heartache

So leap
Joy awaits you
This is what you were
meant for
Joy is your birthright
Give thanks for EVERYTHING
and discover what goodness beckons you back

You were meant for Joy
You were meant for Beauty
You were meant to know the Peace God wills for you
But you cannot experience the Goodness
of His immeasurable Gifts
while you tune to the frequency of sorrow

Give it up
Let go of your fears
You made it up
You made it up
You made it up
Can’t you make up better imaginings?

Leap into Joy
into God’s Loving arms
Know the gifts He holds for you

You will always be caught
For in truth, He never let you go
He never could
And He never will

Joy awaits you.