Leaving the Past Behind

Leaving the Past Behind
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is everywhere, in everything, expressing in me, as me through me.

God is Love, Joy, Abundance, Power, Health, Joy, Goodness, Wholeness, Unity.

God is Life. God is Now. And Life is Now. God and Life exist in the eternal present.

The past is gone, and the future is not here, it does not exist.

Because we carry past thoughts in our mind, we carry burdens from the past. We pick these burdens up every day and we carry them into the day. They become our familiar old burdens. Sometimes this goes on for years. But they only exist in our minds.

We may also pick up gratitude, great intentions, love, even joy, but sometimes, some of us – me – we also pick up experiences from the past – regrets, sorrows, feelings of guilt or inadequacy. But they are not real. They only exist because we construct them every day, we pack them up and sling them onto our backs. We construct them from our thoughts and our imaginations. They are imaginary but no less real to us.

I’m challenging you, myself, to leave these burdens behind.

Don’t pick them up today and put them in your pack. Leave them behind. Leave them in the past where they belong. Replace them with a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers. Or a fragrant loaf of fresh bread. Or something else you want – love, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion – and live in the everlasting beautiful present. Life is alive only in the present!

Let go of the past. Cleanse it from your mind. Change your thinking. Know the life you want is here now. Give thanks for all you have, all you are.

Say this prayer.

O Divine Spirit, Thank you for my life now! Thank you for the wondrous blessings you have bestowed on me in my life. Thank you for love, for my family, for parents who brought me into this world. Thank you for friends, for my community of RGCSL. Thank you for my clothes, for shelter, for water, for food. Thank you for my body and mind that allow me to serve others in my unique way. Thank you for joy and laughter and fun.  Thank you for all the things that make life possible and worth living.

I release this prayer to the Universe knowing it is heard, fulfilled, and returned to me for my benefit and enjoyment. And so it is.