Legacy of Love

Legacy of Love
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

God is Constant.  There is no moment, no time or space where God is not.  That Essence, that Energy is Pure and Unadulterated Love and therefore, I know, that each of us is surrounded by that Love.  More than that, each of us is that Love.  It is the Truth of who and what we are.  It is our Legacy.  God is the Legacy of Love, of Kindness, of Givingness, of Generosity, of Joy, of Holy Interaction.  God’s constancy is a sea of Love.

That Legacy is mine.  It is yours.  It is everyone’s.  For there is no separation and therefore what is done to another is done to all of us, regardless of political beliefs, race, or ethnicity.  Beyond the seeming differences, there is Oneness.  There is a Legacy of Love.  Will you claim it?

In this moment, right here, right now, I claim that Legacy of Love.  I affirm that each of us return to the remembrance of our birthright and “Teach only love.” We are always at choice.  Each of us is an expression of the Divine and we get to choose whether we express our Legacy of Love or the smallness of fear.  Love says, “I trust you.  I see you.  I know the truth of who you are. Let’s connect and live in the love.”  Fear says, “It’s not safe.  Attack before you are attacked. We aren’t connected because I don’t want to be. I don’t trust you.”  Fear creates separation.  Love bridges it.

I know it’s hard sometimes.  Politics trigger us.  Our different perspectives seem to create a huge chasm and we can’t figure out how to cross it.  But the answer is simple because that Legacy of Love is simple.  When we allow rather than attempt force, when we live and let live without judgement, without trying to prove we are right, without trying to shoehorn our belief system into another’s, when we listen to the Holy Spirit rather than ego, Love rises to the surface like cream in a glass of unpasteurized milk.  We are ALL a Legacy of Love.  I am here to teach only love, to be only love, to create only love.  Are you?  You are whether you know it or not.  I know because I know your legacy.  You are a Legacy of Love.  We are each that Legacy of Love.  Let us ignore ego’s desire to prove how right it is and instead remember that Legacy about one another.  Let us teach only love.  Let us be only love, for that is the truth of who we are.

I am so very grateful to know this, to feel this, to experience it.  Deeper than that, my heart fills with gratitude to BE part of that Legacy of Love and to realize that God loves each of us so profoundly that He placed the Holy Spirit within each and every one of us.  I am grateful to be a teacher for God.  I am grateful to teach only Love, and I am grateful to choose Love over fear.  I can always choose Love over fear. 

And so, I do.  And so, it is done.  Amen.