Let Me Remember Who I Am

Nancy Bowers RScP

Let Me Remember Who I Am
Nancy Bowers, RScP

There is One Life.  I call that Life God.  It is the Creator, the Father, the Mother, and the Giver of Joy.  It is Peace.  It is Generous.  This Essence that I call Father is Pure Beauty, Pure Love, Pure Peace.  It is the return to sanity.  It is where I go to remember who I am.  It is where I go to remember who you are.

I am the one Son of God; as are you.  We were made in the Father’s likeness and image and so what I know about us is we are perfect.  Even in our messy humanness, perfect; connected to Source, divine within our earthliness.  I am as God created me.  You are as God created you.  No amount of messing up, no amount of forgetting that truth can ever negate God’s certainty.  We were born of Love and so it will forever be our essence.

For the Father so loves the Son, now and forever.  We are the Sonship.  We are God’s children; not separate from Him who created us, but one.  Connect to the Father and to each other.  All are loved.  All are that divine spark.

So on this day, as I encounter the messiness of being human, let me remember who I am.  I affirm that the awareness of Love’s presence guides my every action.  I declare that the peace of God’s strength is embedded within my soul.  I am as God created me and so I know that no amount of forgetting, no amount of slipping up and choosing something other than peace can change the changeless nature that God placed within me.  I am the glorious child of the Father, here to do His work, to teach love and to bless everyone with my presence by seeing them as God sees them.  All that is not love is a call for love.  All that is not peace is a call for peace.  All that is not joy is frightened action calling for remembrance of who and what I am, who and what you are: God’s chosen Son; His children – the love of His being.

So I give thanks.  I give thanks that I am called to remember.  I give thanks for those around me who call me back to this remembrance that God never lost sight of: love is who I am.  I give thanks for that awareness.  Love is who you are; I give thanks to know that too.

And so I release my prayer, knowing it is already done for who and what I am, who and what you are was never in doubt.  The Father knows His Son and we are holy people.  And So It Is!  Amen.