Life – The One Source

Lovater Jones, RScP

Life – The One Source
by Lovater Jones, RScP

“There is a Universal Wholeness seeking expression through everything. We are calling it simply Life……… It is the invisible essence and substance of every visible form. Its nature is goodness, truth, wisdom and beauty…” “The Law of Life is a law of mind, of Spirit, or thought. You may call it a law of cause and effect…..The Law of Life says that whatever you mentally affirm, and, at the same time, become inwardly aware of, Life will create for you.”
~Ernest S. Holmes, “The Art of Life”

The earth is rife with new life. The plants that were dormant throughout the winter months are in full bloom; fulfilling their life’s purpose ­to bloom! Even ill-­treated plants are expressing their true nature; many are fragrant and in a variety of colors. The activity required to bring forth this beauty and all forms of life is invisible.The Life within each of us operates in a similar fashion, as there is ONLY One Life! Get a scratch and the body starts to form a scab, all invisible to the naked eye. Eat an apple or anything for that matter, and the body knows which nutrients it needs, and sends the nutrient to the part of the body that needs it to sustain life, and does so without our instruction. This is Life in expression ­­­invisible, pure goodness, intelligent, beautiful and creative!

Life is both, Cause and Effect; ­­this is a thought worthy of contemplation! Deep contemplation! Listen for the voice of the All­-Knowing Life within! What is this Intelligence within you that animates your body? What is it that sees through your eyes? What is it that speaks through you? Expresses Itself as you? I invite you right now, to pause wherever you are, go into the silence, and with quiet expectancy, focus on your solar plexus; listen from your soul! Allow Life to speak to your very Being! Let yourself be transformed for a second! Return to your activity, renewed and refreshed! It is done! AND SO IT IS!

“Life is the One Perfect Unity from which everything proceeds, including yourself and all your experiences. All action proceeds from It; all knowledge is in It. It is in us. We are in it.” Ernest Holmes