Listening To My Inner Voice

Listening To My Inner Voice
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

Today I open my mind and my heart and become receptive to the Presence of God in everything and everyone around me. For I know there is no other; there is only God in and as the expression of everything that exists. I reflect on this idea; God is in everything, everywhere, and become more aware and clear as to who I am.  I am a Divine spark of God. 

In this openness and with clarity I know the one true Source of all my thoughts is that Energy, I call God. My thoughts flow into my conscious mind with the intention of God’s highest good for my life.  I listen carefully and closely to the voice of Spirit within me. This enables me to see beyond any apparent conditions that may hinder the expression of my highest potential. I know my thoughts are Divinely guided and that every thought allows me to reveal the Truth of who I am. I am Love. I am Light. I am Prosperous. 

In this moment my heart is filled with gratitude. As I am made aware of my absolute being I give thanks. 

With grace and ease, I accept myself as a perfect expression of God as me.

And so it is.