Living from the Eternal Now

Living from the Eternal Now
by Alicia Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

I take this precious moment and breathe in the Eternal Life, that which is at the center and the circumference of my being. For it is in this place that I feel and know my connection with my Source, the very life blood of who and what I am – God’s precious child.

And I choose to see every moment as presenting me with everything that I both desire and need. My strong body and mind, that creative churning inside me looking to be set free, the steadfastness of my strongly-held beliefs, indeed my very integrity and character. That is who I am in this moment! Even when I am feeling challenged by external events, I do my very best to stay focused on this now moment, knowing that it is perfect just the way it is. And if doubt or fear creep into my consciousness, I gently remind myself that all is well, that God has my back. Learning from each and every experience that Life offers, I strive to see those experiences as gifts enabling me to grow and evolve. Turning again and again away from the fear, and leaning into trust, and believing with every fiber of my being that all is well. And accepting in this eternal moment of now, that everything is indeed in divine right order. Thank you Spirit and praise God! And so it is.