Living Heaven On Earth

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Living Heaven On Earth
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“You are the person; here is the place; today is the time; this is the moment; the word is in your own mouth. It is an affirmative word. You speak it and believe it and identify it with what you want to happen and then let go it, no matter who you are working for.” – Idea of Power: Holmes Papers, Vol 3; Ernest Holmes

God is. The One Great Life is God’s. It is Love. It is Peace. It is Understanding. It is Compassion. It is guiltless, sinless, without shame; without condemnation; without judgment. And being this, It is Total Support; Total Givingness – Generous, Devoted, Tenderness; Sublime Light; Sublime Love. It is the Power Behind all Creation; the Force that propels all prayer; the Maker of All; the anointer of Life.

And that Power, that Presence is mine. I can use It, for I am It. That which It is, I am, for I can never be separate from It. I can never detachment myself or be forsaken, for God wills that I be His sacred darling, and so whether I know it or not, whether I feel it or not, whether I recognize or not, I am. I am the sacred darling of God, and being God’s sacred darling, I have been blessed with the same creative power as my Father. I speak my word, I believe in the power of my words and they appear in my life. I see as I believe. This is true of me. This is true of you, for we are all God’s Son, expressing as this one sacred life. We are all created in the likeness and image of the Lord.

And knowing this, recognizing this, I speak my word. I speak for myself and in doing so, I affirm likewise for all my brothers and sisters. In this here, in this now, I affirm goodness, I affirm love, I affirm peace. I claim for us abundance, I claim for us the life that God would have us lead. A life of compassion, a life of joy, a life of giving and loving and recognizing the truth that each of us is – each of us the sacred darling of God, each of us a precious spark waiting to be fanned into a great, great light. I know God’s will for me and it is awesomeness. I know my birthright is to be as God would have me be – a reflection of perfect love; an image of total joy. I am happiness. You are happiness. We are the ones here to demonstrate how easy it is to prosper and flourish – to be kind and giving and peaceful and One. Everything unlike this falls away for we will not suffer; we will not perpetuate anything that does not promote love and goodness and understanding. We demonstrate heaven on earth. We are the peacemakers.

And in this place, this here, this now, this heaven on earth, I give thanks. I live in constant gratitude, for the blessings of the Father are mine. I know only this – that I am loved so fully, so completely, so deeply, that I live in deep, full, complete gratitude, knowing my life as a blessing and seeing bounty everywhere. I give thanks for knowing who and what I am. I give thanks for knowing who and what you are. I give thanks for training that returns me always to Truth, for community that holds space for me to be the person God intended me to be. I give thanks. I give thanks.

And then, I let go. I allow God to work through me and I allow Spirit to show me what I must do. I control none of it. I let go and allow the Divine to show me how it will unfold. I allow myself to be surprised. I allow myself to walk in the faith that knows God’s ideas are so much more sublime than mine; that steering efforts are folly. I let God handle the details. I let myself live in the stress-free space that knows how easy it is to do it that way. I give up my own ideas. God’s are so much grander. This is my affirmative word – and So It Is! Amen.