Living in Divine Namaste

Nancy Bowers, RScP – In The Land of Faith

The Daily Prayer 10.27.2015

“Living in Divine Namaste

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP


 “There is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is Perfect, that Life is my life now.” – Ernest Holmes

There is this one precious life, a sacred dance, a breathing in and out.  It is God expressing.  It is God here on this planet we call earth, where everything is connected, and everything and everyone matters.  In the dance we call Life, the pulse of being is God.  The essence of It all is Holy Interaction; the Namaste of life where the God in me recognizes and blesses the God is you.  For this Divinity that runs through Life is the Sacred One and It is everywhere, in everything. Hidden beneath the flesh and bone, is the Soul whose Truth is Love.  It begs to be recognized.  Do you see it playing peek-a-boo? Behind the eyes shining with laughter, It lives.  Determined.  Strong.  Kind. Grace.  It is Life and It is Sacred.  It nurtures all that is Good and True.  It lives in me.  It lives in you.

For I am part of the Holy Interaction.  Divine Namaste is the truth God placed in me.  Divine Namaste is the truth God placed in you.  The spark that cannot be extinguished; it is the life flame connecting hearts to all that is beautiful and all that is worthwhile.  I awaken each morning in prayer and Divine Namaste comes and whispers my name.  You waken each day and the echo of it is ringing in your consciousness.  Can you hear how It calls your name?  The sound of it is honey, for it is dipped in Love and smothered in Peace.  It calls you home to who you are.  Do you hear how exquisite your name sounds within the Divine Namaste?

So I declare these moments Holy.  They are the moments God calls you home to Love.  They are the moments God calls you back to Peace.  They are the moments when Joy is sewn inside your heart to play with as you wish and hold you in lovely tenderness.  You are the one perfect child of the Divine, living the one perfect Life of Spirit.  It wraps you in Clouds of Hallowed Adoration, where God Himself reassures you continuously of how very treasured you are.  You are the one God would be lonely without and so it can never be that you are without God.  There beside you walks your Father, caring Tirelessly for His one beloved child.  You are here is the one Life of God.  You are here to enjoy the endless gifts of the Father.  You are lavished always.  Do you see how deep the Love?

So give thanks, as I give thanks to be so entrenched in this Divine Namaste.  Here in this one perfect life, I give thanks for the Presence that is everywhere, running through everything, making sure that Love is always there, that Peace is always available.  I give thanks to know how sacred each moment is.  I give thanks for the remembrance of what is.  There is but One Life and that Life is God, and that life is my Life now.

So I let go of thinking there is anything more to do.  I recognize God.  I recognize the Divine Namaste that is forever dancing and I just allow what is to embrace me and I appreciate Its Grace.  And So It Is. Amen.

Nancy Bowers click update is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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