Living Our Life Inside Out

Liza Kerr, RScP

Living Our Life Inside Out
by Liza Kerr, RScP

There are those of us that believe that Love is the single most important thing that there is.  We believe that by embracing a mental attitude of Love, Forgiveness and Kindness we can change our lives.  If we can change our lives, we believe that we can have a ripple effect and have a positive influence on those around us.  We do this by living our life from the inside out.  I challenge each of you to be the ripple that changes the world.  Let the change start with you.  Make a commitment to not encourage those that hate, to not cheer on those that use anger and fear to accomplish their goals.  I challenge each of you to live your life inside out.  The love you feel in your heart – expect it from everyone.  Don’t accept or settle for anything less.  You can’t practice these principles and cheer on someone that is spreading hate, condoning violence, grabbing power, making someone else feel weak so they can feel strong.  Be the ripple, set the standard, live your life inside out. 

There is one God, that God is my God, that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and timeless.  That God, my God is Love, Empathy, Compassion, Understanding, Courage, Peace, Harmony, Prosperity and Joy. 

There is no separation between God and me.  The innermost God and the outermost God are one and the same.  I embrace this God to the cellular level, to the molecular level – we are one and the same.  I am not the Creator, but a Creation.  If this is true for me it is true for you, and for everyone out there no matter who they are. 

I speak my Word and my Word is Law that the perception of any one group of people being superior to any other group of people is an illusion.  The immigrant reaching through the fence for a drink of water is your surgeon, the starving vagrants on the corners have the cure for cancer imbedded in their brains, the people shopping in the malls buying their kids coats, hats, books for school are your mothers, aunts, fathers, brothers, there is no separation.  Each of us is a child of God, made in the likeness of God, as a masterpiece of God living life on the planet Earth as part of our immortal journey.  Each of us responsible for the Words we use, the intentions we set, the choices we make.  I speak my Word here and now that each of us makes a conscious decision to set intentions for love, peace, harmony, and to speak our Word for these intentions to manifest.  That each of us becomes a ripple that joins with all of the other ripples and forms a tidal wave of Love. 

I give thanks knowing this manifestation has already occurred.

I release my Word to the Law of Mind – AND SO IT IS.