Living Spirit

Living Spirit
Katy McCree RscP

Living spirit almighty, the source and substance of all there is, eternal and all present, the maker of wind rain and mist, mountain and sky, ocean and dessert.  Containing all knowledge, beyond time and space.  One power with infinite expressions. 

I am one with that power, forever individualized in all its glory and love.  For my breath is the breath of the one and my mind is the mind of the one. In every moment, every situation, I am always a holy expression of the divine. I affirm that place within me beyond uncertainty and confusion, that knows who I am – a child of the universe, always guided and protected, claiming my divine inheritance of wisdom, joy and peace. For I belong to this universe and it belongs to me.

This is why I know this universal presence is active in all my affairs and relations, and that in every condition I can always draw on this power for strength and wisdom to see me through. I relax into this truth, knowing that spirit has it covered, and live each day with calm trust that in this alignment I am never separate.   God is my source, and I rest easy in this knowledge and wake each day with light heart, moving through my day with peace and ease.

I am so grateful for all the gifts of divine life that regenerate and renew, that uplift and nourish me. So grateful for spirits eternal infinite presence supporting, guiding and loving me. Thank you, thank you for that light of understanding in me, that opens the door to good and more good.

I say these words knowing it is done and true, that all is well, always well, and release them into the action of the law. And so it is.