Nancy Bowers RScP

Love Holds No Grievances

Love Holds No Grievances
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy-Bowers“God does not forgive for He has never condemned.” A Course in Miracles
God is pure Love. Unconditional. Unadulterated – just Love, and Love holds not grievances. Love is compassionate. It is understanding. It looks past appearance to the source of the fear and then sweeps it away into the nothingness from which it came. Spirit is Steadfast. It is Clear. There is no ambivalence. God does not forgive for He never condemned. He sees his children’s innocence and calls them back to that truth.

I know I am like my Creator. But being human, I sometimes do condemn. I forget who I am. I forget who others are and so I then have to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean I see you did something wrong and make you guilty for it before I look past the error. It means I recognize that you could not have been in your right mind to behave in such a manner and so I let it go, knowing it is not the truth of who you are. It doesn’t mean I give others a free pass to behave badly. It means I teach them that they are better than their bad behavior would indicate. It doesn’t mean I don’t correct the error or refuse to tolerate abuse, but love holds no grievances.

So in this place of love, I am returned to sanity. I am returned to my Father’s arms where I remember how soothing it is to just be loved wherever I am, where I stand. My Father knows my holiness and so He is never confused by my own confusion. He holds the space for me to find my way home. He is the perfect example of what Love looks like. Frightened children are soothed and corrected, not punished. Love holds no grievances and so I can choose again. Isn’t it a relief to know that our errors cannot separate us from He who Loves so unconditionally?

I give thanks for this knowing. I give thanks that Love is not conditional. I give thanks that no matter how badly I think I have screwed up that I am forever welcomed home. I am asked to learn a better way, where love holds not grievances. I am loved and grateful for it. Don’t you feel how soothing it is to be so cherished? Aren’t you too grateful for such a charitable Source?

Then I let go. I release my prayer. I know God was never confused by my straying away from Truth. It is already done because separation never happened, and so I never could be lost. How sweet it is that so it is. And So It Is. Amen.