Love of God Enlivens Me

 Love of God Enlivens Me
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

There is one Life, Unconditional Love, Intelligence, and Power in the Universe which I call God.  It created me out of the Itself as perfect love, truth, and life.  The Unconditional Love of God enlivens me with everything I need in order to experience the nature, qualities, and attributes of God in my life, right now.

I experience the perfection and wholeness of a healthy body.  My body is operating in accordance with God’s divine plan for me.  I now experience perfect cell formation, perfect functioning of all organs, and perfect inhalation, assimilation, and elimination in every tissue in my body.  I easily acquire the resources I need in order to demonstrate financial prosperity, wealth, affluence, and riches in my life.  I am blessed with God’s love, caring and harmony in all of my relationships.  All the creative attributes of God are expressed through my own original self-expression as beautiful, artistic, and imaginative pieces of art.

I know the love of God enlivens me right now with perfect health, prosperity, loving relationships and creativity.

I give great thanks and am glad that Spirit is in my life, always, everywhere present.

I now release my word to the Law, knowing that as I speak the truth, it is already done.

And so It is.