Love’s Seal of Approval

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

Love’s Seal of Approval
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

“The Seal of Approval is upon me, and I am not condemned by the thought or act of any person. 
I will fear no evil, for I know that the Great Judge of all controls my every act. 
Let every fear of humanity be removed from and let the Silence of my soul bear witness to the Truth. 
God approves of me.”  Ernest Holmes

There is One Love, One; not in the sense of numbers, one, but in the sense of wholeness, One.  There is One Love that stands before and after time; so old that it is Time Itself.  This Love, the one I call Creator, is perfect and creates only from Itself.  This Perfect Love is Peace, Grace, Perfection, Happiness, and Joy.  It is Life Itself.

I am born of Love.  Its immortal imagination created me of necessity and I am here that Love might know the truth of this incarnation through my life and through my eyes.  Love wants to know the beat of my heart and what it’s like to love so thoroughly that all I can do is to surrender to the knowing of this good.  I love, am loved, and Love approves of me.  As I know this for me, I know this for the person reading this prayer.  You are here by Divine appointment and you are loved.

I affirm, declare, and accept for all of us that I have Love’s seal of approval and all sense of disappointment and failure falls away.  I live in the knowing that all I am, and all that I have experienced, belongs to the Creator.  I surrender to my own sense of faith and knowing.  I am cloaked in love and move in grace.  My life gives way to miracles and everywhere I look I see the Truth of being.  No longer am I steeped in the illusion that any part of my life or me is disappointed or disappointing.  I am free. 

I am grateful for my freedom.  I am grateful for Love’s Seal of Approval.  I am happy that all of us are free to be who we are authentically.  Love’s true calling is mine.

With a grateful heart, I release my word and know this prayer is complete.  And so it is.  Amen.