Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP


by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

There is a magic in the universe.
I can tell you this for certain.
I tell you this from experience.
That magic is something ephemeral,
Utterly elusive, intangible and indefinable.

You know it when it occurs.
It is undeniable.

The cause behind this magic is called by many words, by many names, known in many languages and is beyond words.
I sometimes call It Divine.

What I know is that This Thing is amazingly powerful and listens constantly to every single solitary bit of a thought, or a feeling, and inclination or a whim that passes through my mind and even to something not as whole or composite as a thought or a feeling, but even to some slightest part of me that I cannot even grasp or define. It listens out of a fastidious overwhelming love that renders it absolutely and completely attentive to me and to you.

It is hawkish, always and ever watching and listening.

It can pounce like a leopard and seize upon our slightest generated vibration instantly and magically bringing it into manifestation. It is amazing.

You can even call on it and it responds from, with and out of an unbelievable, free and overwhelming unconditional love.

What a wondrous companion. I have never known such sweet love.
A love so unfathomable.
Blessed are we!

Hold to the knowing that this Divine Love with its Magic is always here for you, beside you and around you, supporting you and loving you and us all.

Remember you are never alone and always loved with a love immensely, incredibly, aboundingly infinite and ever-expanding always seeking your fulfillment and happiness.