May I Remember

Tilia Giron, RScP

May I Remember
by Tilia Giron, RScP

I am one with That Incredible Source of Light and I serve as a source of That Light. So whatever I do, whatever type of energy or situation I am in, I know that I and This Energy are one.

And as we are one, always never not one, never am I not in that Divine Milieu of Incredible Unending Always Giving Love,

So, may I remember. May I remember always who I am, what I am. Might I bring forth from my consciousness and sub-consciousness, knowing always, constantly, unceasingly that This Incredible Being of Light walks in this body that expresses as me while it knows my perceptions, joys, idiosyncrasies and patterns that live deep in my heart, mind and spirit.

May I remember, may I know in my head, that I hold in bright awareness that scepter of truth of the love of brilliance of infinite possibilities that is embodied within the self that I call me.

And so, I set forth my step on this day gazing at the sun and the moon before me and the light that struggles to come forth from behind the clouds barely cresting above the Sandias. I lay down my sword, I lay down my rock, I lay down all that baggage that I have carried for life times including this one and I simply say Yes! and I open to the light. I open. I am now and I am.

I bring in the sun to fill my day, and open to the light to fill my heart with joy to live within me, and healing for all of my body, mind, heart and soul. And this Light, Joy, Beauty and Health shines forth radiant within and without. And so it is!