by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

The perfection of life is revealed to me through this beautiful morning. The light shining through the clouds, casting shadows that transform this familiar landscape remind me of the power that flows through all things. The vibration of life reveals itself in the delicate dew gathered on every blade of grass and in the vibrant bursting colors of the flowers that line the streets. This is the Spirit of Life and this is my mirror.

As I look out upon the beauty of this day, I know that I am seeing a reflection; I am looking upon my own essence. The Power that effortlessly unfolds a beautiful rose is the same Power that reveals my own Divine Perfection. The graceful movement of clouds dancing across the sky, changing the landscape around me, is the same ease with which my life and my perception can be transformed. The vibration of Life that I can feel around me this morning is the same vibration that energizes my life.

This is not only true for me, it is true for every person reading these words today! I know that this day we each move forward with absolute Trust that Divine Spirit is charge. Everything that transpires today in our lives is flowing forward from the mind of God! And just like the dew, the rose and the changing light of this beautiful morning, our lives are awe inspiring!

For this opportunity to remember the Truth if Life, I am so grateful.

I surrender my word into the Law that can only say YES! and watch with giddy anticipation.

Thank you, Sweet Spirit.

And so it is.