My Life is Filled with Blessings

My Life is Filled with Blessings
by Alicia Kay Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

As I focus my breath on my core being, I am filled with the sense of Spirit surrounding and enfolding me in its Infinite Peace and Beauty. I allow that sense of peace to grow and expand, both inward and outward, as the stillness quiets my mind and sharpens my senses. Images of the beauty of my outward surroundings pervade my being, as I see in my mind’s eye the magnificence of Taos Mountain, the emergence of green on the plant life, including the chamisa, the sage, and the wildflowers that abound outside my window in this glorious season of Spring. I hear the sounds of the songbirds, as they perch high upon the Pinion trees, proclaiming their joy for the immerging day. Other colorful birds of red, orange and blue take turns enjoying the birdseed that I am able to provide for their sustenance.

Yesterday I was graced with a large jackrabbit outside my patio door, and also sightings in the clear blue sky of two large eagles circling the property as they, too, seek their sustenance. As I allow these wondrous images and feelings to seep deeply into my soul, they invoke the many, many ways in which my life is blessed.

Nature is just one of many ways in which I acknowledge my connection to Life, and it is profound. Equally profound is the loving support of family and friends. In continued appreciation of my body’s healing from recent surgery, I recognize the impact of the loving kindness of my circle of support from those I know love and care for me. They are indeed emissaries of Spirit, expressing individually and beautifully as Spirit itself. Their love, given in so many ways, is felt tangibly in my body as the healing grace of Spirit flows through me unimpeded by thoughts of fear or trepidation. My body knows its wholeness as it reveals its perfect nature as flexible, strong, and pain-free. And behind all of these blessings is my absolute, unbroken belief in my innate connection with you, dear Spirit, loving God, Divine Intelligence, which is always present, never absent, there with me in tough times as well as those I would term as “good times”. That knowledge, that unshakeable faith, is my ultimate strength and my greatest blessing. My heart, my soul, my entire being swells with love and gratitude for this day, for this time, for this place in my continuing and evolving journey of Life. And so it is.