My Life Is Harmonious

My Life Is Harmonious
Tammi Lambert, RScP

I know that there is one Source of Love, Peace and Harmony. This Infinite Energy of perfect Divine Order, Of Compassionate, Unconditional Love, and Flawless Synchronization is the Source of all that exists, and there is a pattern of Divine Wholeness and Completeness in all that exists.

This Infinite Source lives in me, as me. I am expressing that Perfection, Peace and Divine Order right now. I hereby know and affirm that all issues arise at the perfect time, and are resolved with ease and in perfect order. My life is harmonious, and in the Divine Flow of synchronization, and everything works exactly as it should. I am the embodiment of the Peace of the Divine, and all the work that I perform, all the projects that come before me, are doing so in the flow of that energy, and so all is well. I live in a space of perfect peace, knowing this is so, and I trust the Divine Flow of Perfection. It all works out perfectly. I am the Peace of God, I am Harmony, and I am Divine Order. I can rest assured that all the pieces will fall into place exactly as it should.

I am thankful for this truth, for I know my word has placed this truth powerfully in the Universal Law right now.

I release this word into the Law of the Universe, knowing that cannot return to me void.

And so, it is.