My Life’s Path

Dianne Martin, RScP

My Life’s Path
by Dianne Martin, RScP

Spirit and I are the creators of my life.  I know that Spirit wants my highest and best and, as I prepare to move to a new state and a new home, I know that everything is unfolding for my highest good.  Spirit gives me everything I need to make this transition.  It gives me all the love, abundance, happiness, creativity, harmony, confidence and courage that I can accept.  And, I accept it all!!

As I know that Spirit and I are one in creating my life, I also know that this is true for everyone. All anyone needs to do is accept all the good that is his/her birthright.  All the love, abundance, happiness, creativity, harmony, confidence and courage. In any situation in our lives, God is always there.

I speak my word and know that this is the best move for me and my family.  I am not saying goodbye to friends and family; I know that even though we are in different states, we are always one with each other and one in Spirit.  The bond between family and friends always remains with me.

I accept the help that people offer me knowing that in accepting their help, I am giving them and myself a gift; the gift of giving and receiving.  I pack up all that I need to make a new home in Florida and no more. I am abundant in Spirit and do not need an excess of material things.  The moving company loads everything up with ease and delivers it intact and on time.  Spirit travels with the movers keeping them safe.

Every part of my life has led up to this moment.  I know it is right and good and I know it is my life’s path.  I am so grateful that Spirit is with me on my journey. I am grateful for my family and friends who have been and continue to be with me on my journey. I am grateful to the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living that has given me purpose and community and a better life.  I am grateful for Reverend Martha who has been a great friend and mentor.  I am grateful for the Practitioners and for all the love and support they have given me.  I am grateful for the members of the Center who continue to spread our important message of love.  Thank you God for making my life so complete.

I release these words knowing that all is good and all is God.

And so it is!