My Path is Illuminated by Love, Peace and Joy

My Path is Illuminated by Love, Peace and Joy
by Chea Guilmette, RScP

There is one Power, one Presence, one Divine Intelligence in the Universe, and I call that Presence God. God is everywhere, all at once. There is nowhere that God is not. God fills every space, every molecule, every atom, every thing. God is all there is. God is the early morning sunrise and the dark starry night. God is Love, Peace, Joy and Health.

God as I work, God as I sleep. God as I stand, God as I pray. God as I breathe, God in my heart. I know that I am an expression of God, perfect, whole and complete. I know this is the truth about me. This is my birthright. This is who I am! As God is Love, Peace, Joy and Health so too am I.

I know that love, peace, joy and health are mine today. There is nothing in me that can stop them from expressing in my life. Anything that appears to the contrary falls away and disappears in the clear light of Truth. I allow the flow of love and peace in all I do and see the same in others. My path is illuminated by love, peace and joy. I breathe in love and health and send them back out with each heartbeat.

I am so grateful for this realization. My heart sings out in joy.

I release my word into the Law, knowing it is already done. It is complete.

And so it is.