Lovater Jones, RScP

My Steps Are Divinely Ordered

My Steps Are Divinely Ordered
Lovater Harris Jones, RScP

“Order my steps in thy word, and let not any iniquity [*strife, confusion, false belief, limitation or health challenge] have dominion over me.” ~ Psalms 119:133 (adapted),
*Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

Unity School of Christianity

“The steps of a god man are ordered of the Lord. Think, my child on the word ‘steps.’ I truly order each step. I do not devise a plan and then leave you in your human weakness to work it out alone. No, each moment of the day I direct and guide and order. Always am I by your side. My hand in yours, leading you out and on and upward, so you do not have to ask, ‘Lord, what am I to do all week? Give me your plan.’ No, you only have to say, ‘Lord, show me what to do now, this moment. Show me how to solve this problem which confronts me.’

“If you will learn this lesson well, you shall never look with fear or uncertainty into future days, you shall fear neither lack of material things nor spiritual guidance, for you will know, oh so surely, that each step of the way is guided and planned, and that you do not walk, even for one moment, life’s highway alone.” ~Quiet Talks With The Master Eva Bell Werber, 1936


How comforting it is to realize that we are NEVER alone, nor are we wandering around aimlessly; instead we know that each step we take has been ordered by Infinite Spirit. One might refer to this as being surefooted. Our pathway has been made clear before us. All pitfalls are removed. Our way has been cleared, therefore we are able to walk confidently as we journey forward. There is no need to fret, worry or doubt whether we are making the right move (step), as anything less than certainty has no control (dominion) over us. Anything, less that absolute perfection, as we set out on whatever the plan may be, is powerless to even come nigh our dwelling.” We must trust that when we say “Lord, show me what to do now, this moment. Show me how to solve this problem which confronts me” the answer appears. It may come from a friend, a magazine article, a book, a Spiritual Mind Treatment, from nature; it may come from anywhere or anyone, as the answers are infinite! All we need to do is ask, remain alert and ready to act when the answer comes, and surely it shall come. Then, we must step out surefootedly, confidently and know that all is well. And so it is!