by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

As I sit here contemplating tomorrow’s topic of nature and my relationship with It, I also know that I cannot have a relationship with anyone or anything else that does not reflect my relationship with myself.

And so it gives me great comfort to look out at nature and see beauty.  It gives me great comfort to look out at nature and feel peace, as if all is right in the world.  Because I know that when I see and feel that, those feelings are coming from inside of me.

Whenever I sink into that sacred place where I prepare to do an affirmative prayer and speak my word, the first place I look is outward, upon nature.  There is some sort of paradox that exists within me that simultaneously causes me to look outward to connect inwardly with that Thing that is, with Spirit, with that Force, with the Divinity within me.

And from that connection, I speak my word.  I speak my word now knowing that just as in nature, everything that is happening in my life is part of a perfect divine flow.  Somehow I intuitively know when it is time to be quiet, and when it is time to blossom.  I know when it is time to create, and when it is time to rest.  And I feel within me that same flow of night into day into night, a beautiful rhythm of dark/light, rest/activity.  I resonate with the energies of nature, allowing myself to awaken with the sun, and lay to rest with the darkness.  And I draw strength and power from the consistency and persistence of nature.  Life is beautiful today, just as nature is beautiful.  And I feel this beauty within me.

And so I release my words, knowing the law has taken them and said yes to them, making them so.

And so it is.