New Life

New Life
by Rev. Gil William Olmstead, Spiritual Director

Life is everywhere – in the vastness of space and in the smallest cracks in the pavement. From stars and planets and galaxies to cells and nuclei and atomic particles Life persists. Why? This is the presence of the One making Itself known! There is only One and It is everywhere. We cannot escape It. We cannot be “other” than It. I am the One and One is me! We are the One at play always discovering Itself and It’s magnificence.

I am clear that no creation and no moment depends on anything that has come before it. Spirit is always creating and therefore change and movement is built into all creation. Your idea of yourself and your past decisions fall away in every new moment. Unexplored magnificence is the order of your life! This day, this moment, is “new” by definition. You are “new” and I am “new” – all things are made “new” as the flow of Spirit constantly moves as Itself through creation.

I embrace the newness! I accept the “new Life” that is mine every day. I give thanks for it and celebrate this truth for myself and for you and for all things. Knowing this, I release this word that is already done – already made new – by virtue of the nature of the One.

And so It is!