No Sin in God

Nancy Bowers RScP

No Sin in God
Nancy Bowers, RScP

There is no sin in God.  There is Purity.  There is Perfect Love, but in the Eternal, no sin lives.  Only Goodness.  Only Joy.  Only Harmony that sweeps away erroneous ideas born of the temporal.  God is Forever.  God is Changeless.  The Eternal Oneness soothes and comforts the confused, knowing His creation could never be anything other than Good, for He made us in His likeness and image.

I am God’s creation.  I am that which is like Him.  So I know that the truth of me is sinlessness.  Who I really am could never be other than innocent.  Who I really am could never be other than pure.  I am called home to God where I know the goodness I am made of.  I am called home to God where my worth is never in doubt.

So in this moment, right here, right now, I let go of any ideas that who I am is anything less than I should be.  There is no should in God’s Kingdom; there is only Eternal Love.  In this moment, I claim forgiveness.  I recognize that I never was condemned and therefore, it is only me that needs to let myself off the hook.  I am created like God and so I too am sinless. I too am pure.  I too am innocent and loved and lovable and whole.  All that God is, I am.  All that God is, you are too.  God’s awesome like that.  There are no favorites.  Every man, woman, and child are precious to the Creator.  Every man, woman, and child are the beloved of the Divine.  We were never meant to live lives filmed with guilt.  Our souls were made sinless.  We are all innocent.

There is no sin in God, so there is no sin in us.  We have merely forgotten who we are.  But God remembers.  The Eternal Changeless One would never abandon His child.  We are loved and we are at home in God.

I give thanks for that.  I give thanks that there is nothing any of us can do to cause God to forsake us.  I give thanks for the innocence.  I give thanks for the sinlessness.  I give thanks that God’s Love is so deep, so constant that It burns brightly whether I acknowledge It or not; whether I realize who I am or not.  That’s how loved I am.  That’s how loved you are.

Then I let go.  I let go of guilt, I let go of shame, I let go of any idea that I am anything less than perfect and whole. The Changeless needs no direction from me.  I trust in the Love of God and affirm my awareness of It by saying: And So It Is.  Amen.