Now. There is only the Now!

Now. There is only the Now!
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

I know there is only God. This loving Spirit which is harmony, abundance, love, joy, beauty, wisdom and peace pervades everything In the Universe. All the qualities of God are in me. I am the perfect creation of the One. God is, I am.              

I am a unique individualization of the Divine. There is no separation. I am one with spirit, there is a peace and calmness comes into my soul knowing, wholeness and completeness of Spirit is with in me always.               

My trust in Divine Right Action ever present in my life allows me to let go and let God handle my needs. I completely trust in Its wisdom. I am surrounded by the grace and love of Spirit. I know that what I need the present is all I ever have, I embrace the now. For God only exists in the now. I embrace the present for that is where I take action and move forward in God’s world. I know that when I am clear thinking in the now and with the divine guidance there are no mistakes. I believe this is the Truth, and knowing and living and breathing this Truth frees my spirit to live fully and completely. I live my life with great enthusiasm, courage, fear less and creatively. I know that what I choose to do in my life and with God is possible. I live my life trusting the Divine intelligence within me, knowing every answer is delivered to me by Divine Right Action. All I need to do is be still and know. I listening and receiving the word of God I know what to do and when to do it. What to do and how to do it. I am one with God, there is no separation. I live my life with integrity, for I do only that which promotes the highest good for all concerned.    

So I give great thanks for the Divine in my life, as my life, living through me Now. I see with God’s eyes, I hear with God’s ears, I speak with only the words of love and truth. I am so grateful.    

I release my word into the Law knowing that as I have spoken it is done, as I have spoken the truth comes back to me always, for it is true and it is done unto me as I believe. And so it is.