~ Nuggets From The Scrapbook of Ernest Holmes

~ Nuggets From The Scrapbook of Ernest Holmes ~
Gifted by Greg Gardner, RScP

I know this eternal intelligence is present in all of us, whether we are thinking of It or not, whether we recognize It or not, and whether we allow It or not.

We are all bound, tied hand and foot, by our very freedom. Our free will binds us, enables us and can limit us.

I know that there is a consciousness of the Divine in all of us.

This conscious intelligence of God uses me, you, us, as seeds of awareness.

We should not limit nor ignore the gift.

I know that through Divine consciousness I am free to create conditions,

to attract what I think, and become what I attract.

I pray that all sentient beings open their narrow thought patterns

to be more closely aligned with this Divine consciousness, so as not to obstruct nor limit nor ignore the creative pathways to Life, Wholeness and Love. . .

I affirm that peace is stronger than turmoil or hatred and ignore and disavow anything that is unlike the wonder and beauty of all creation.

Standing on this truth with gratitude and joy,

and knowing these thoughts return filled with grace,

I let go and let God.

And So It Is! Amen