On Center

by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

I recognize there is a Presence in the Universe that is ongoing, eternal, unlimited…pure, beautiful, sacred…in all, through all, is ALL. Everything that is seen and known comes from this spark of goodness, this thing called Life. This essence is every heart beat,  is every breath…in every blade of grass,  fragrance in the spring rain. Love is the language of Spirit. Excellent radiant health, abundance and prosperity, success, creativity are the birthright of all…all the time.

I align myself with this essence, this purity, knowing I am one with this Presence. Knowing everyone reading these words is an expression of Spirit, magnificent, pure and wonderful.

I allow and accept goodness to flow into my life, into every area of my life. Anything that does not serve me in any way, not for my highest good, falls away harmless and formless into the Universe. All of my needs are meet as Spirit blesses me with exactly what I need for my personal and spiritual growth. My understanding of Life and my relationship to Spirit becomes more meaningful each day. I feel the Divine expressing Power, Love, and Awareness in my relationships, and my decision making. I trust and know I am in my perfect place, always protected and safe in all that I do.  As I travel this endless journey to places beyond my imagination, I am in awe of Life’s magnificent wonders. I am Loved, I am Love.

I am deeply and profoundly grateful for my miraculous Life, knowing it is getting better and better all the time!

I release my prayer into the Law knowing it comes back to me greater than I could ever imagine. And so it is…