One Creator

One Creator
by Rev. Gil Olmstead

I am in gratitude that That which has created all things is the creator of my life. The 

majesty of the mountains, the beauty of a freezing morning, the heat of a dry Southwest afternoon – all reminds me of the infinite creativity of the Creator. The very Creator that has imbued each of us with Its essence, with Its fullness, giving us access to all creation.

I celebrate my oneness with this One Creator of all that is. I know that as I allow myself to live in this space of Oneness, I come home to myself, I come home to the Creator. There is only love and endless possibility as my life. My every need and want is forever at my fingertips ready for me to discover my true home. I can only be blessed as I express the fullness of creation.

I give thanks for this truth, this very word that has been spoken by Spirit as Me. I allow it to be, and so it is.