One Loving Presence

One Loving Presence
by Jennifer Harrison-Sanchez, RScP


There is One Loving Presence in this Universe. This Loving Presence engulfs all that there is, was and ever will be. This Loving Presence is in every corner, nook, and cranny of our lives. This Loving Presence has no beginning or end. It is all that there is. From the deepest parts of the oceans that have never been seen to the far reaches of the galaxies that have not been touched. This Presence is Love and that is all that there is.


I am part of this Loving Presence. Like a child in the womb, I am one with God. I am one with the Loving Presence that flows from the core of my being.


I realize that each person is a divine expression of God. Each person is a divine expression of the Love that is God. Each person is a unique expression of the One Loving Source and is perfect and whole. Each person is the creative expression of God. This creativity is expressed by the beautiful differences in each and every person. All people are the artistic masterpiece with God. God is in, through, around and expressing in every individual. This is the divine expression of God.


I am grateful to know the beauty that is God expressed in each person. I am grateful to be aware of this and to be a divine expression of God, a true masterpiece. This knowingness is pure joy knowing that we are all connected to each other and come from the same Loving Source.


I release this into the Universal Law knowing with all of my being that this is truth and it is done.

And So It Is.